What are we looking for in Spain in 2022?

This year I celebrate 8 years of this Christmas tradition of jokingly commenting on Google Spain search trends. This data is shared by the search engine in the form of a ranking by category.

Eight years of internship(2021, 2020, 2019, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015) and I promise I keep surprising myself every time. So let’s see what we are looking for in Spain this 2022.

This year Google has changed the most searched questions, and eliminated two of my favorites: How and Why. The ranking lost a lot of play this year.

We miss classics that make us wonder many things about humanity, such as:

How does Tinder work? How do I know if I am a defaulter? Why do my applications close? Why do cats purr? Why do people buy toilet paper? Why do I sweat so much? How to avoid gas? How to be happy? Among many other existential questions.

So, using the data provided by the all powerful search engine, and closing with the emotional video that usually bids us farewell to the year, let’s see how Spanish society surprises us when using Google. Let’s get to it!

General searches

  1. Wordle
  2. Ukraine
  3. Eurobasket
  4. Rafael Nadal
  5. Russia
  6. Carlos Alcaraz
  7. Tamara Falcó
  8. Climate change
  9. Will Smith
  10. Monkeypox

The results are not surprising.

The Wordle, Ukraine, Russia, normal search factors in the face of international events. I am surprised by the order, though.

Sports always omnipresent, and as always, a case of the heart. Climate change is starting to be more present in the searches, I wish it was like that in the political solutions in this regard, we can not expect miracles yet.

Will Smith? Who hasn’t seen his video? and its millions of memes.

And how could it not… monkeypox, struggling to keep up with the aftermath of the media scare, after the coronavirus. They were running out of explosive material to fuel our fears and egos.

Source: Google Trends


This year I didn’t quite understand Google’s ranking of current affairs versus general searches, much more so looking at the results. I do not see a clear pattern of difference or search intent. But here we go:

  1. Ukraine
  2. Climate change
  3. Monkeypox
  4. Today’s light price
  5. Transportation strike
  6. Andalusia Elections
  7. Omicrom Symptoms
  8. Elections Castilla y León
  9. Benidorm Fest
  10. Queen of England

Changes in ranking compared to general searches, but many similarities.

Therefore, I do not really understand this classification. ¯ (ツ)_/¯ I think they didn’t work it as hard as others.

Today’s electricity prices, who has not looked for it lately, we have from websites to Telegram channels that inform us of the prices and their schedules.

And the events that most marked this 2022: Transport strike, elections in Andalusia and Castilla y León, the death of the Queen of England and the Benidorm Fest.

Seriously how happy I am since I stopped watching years ago, big media! I have the impression that I am not missing much.


I did like this year that they created a ranking exclusively for recipe topics. They always give a lot of play.

  1. Porra antequerana
  2. Summer red wine
  3. Sex on the beach
  4. Carnival ears
  5. Salmorreta
  6. Butter cookies
  7. Marmitaco
  8. Original Carbonara
  9. Codfish fritters
  10. Quiche

For a lover of cooking as I am, I fall into searches of this type very often. Both in general search and on YouTube.

I was surprised by the “porra antequerana”. A Malagueña soup that shares many ingredients with Salmorejo or Gazpacho.

I don’t know the reason why this soup, which looks very good, but I have not had the pleasure of tasting it, has been crowned with the number one position.

Two drinks: Tinto de verano and Sex on the Beach, one of the most classic cocktails.

Salmorreta, butter cookies, marmitaco (what a delight!), the original carbonara… finally this recipe is properly searched and well away from the cream please.

Codfish fritters and quiche… How wonderful. For these things, I recognize that Google is the best. Thousands of recipes, at the click of a button, that allow us to improve our diet, gastronomic culture and flavors.


Thank goodness they left me even this section of the when. It shows us the main interests of the Spanish population in the immediate future.

Let’s take a look at the list:

  1. When the World Cup starts
  2. When to remove masks
  3. When Alcaraz plays
  4. When Fifa 23 is released
  5. When Nadal plays
  6. When iOS 16 is released
  7. When the heat wave ends
  8. When is electricity cheapest today
  9. When Spain plays basketball
  10. When to test for antigens

With the change of date of the World Cup, due to the winter in Qatar, it was normal that it became the number one search. It was rare to have a World Cup at Christmas.

“When do they take the masks off,” I don’t know who didn’t ask at the time.

Tennis, with Alcaraz and Nadal, the Fifa game, Spain in Basketball plus the World Cup, it seems that in Spain the year goes from one game (and leagues) to another, but always involved in one sport or another.

And the heat wave, which occupies more and more consultations.

I am happy to see that each time the coronavirus, which dominated the searches for so long, has been falling in the last positions.

I will not analyze the last two sections: “Cinema, television and series” and “Characters”, which do not provide anything that surprises me.


Too bad Google doesn’t add more information to these trends.

This year I also believe that the categories were very limited. It usually provides very interesting data on the major interests of society.

The search engine has become such a widely used tool that its data would allow us to understand the main concerns and interests of a society at a given time.

I say it every year: these trends are just that, trends. We should not pigeonhole a country or a society based on very limited data.

I’m sure there are millions of people looking for much more interesting things every day, every second.

Data that enriches us, data that informs us, data that connects us with our loved ones.

Information that helps us understand the world around us, models of life, work, entertainment or education.

But all this data is not reflected in the “big statistics”, there are just a few stumbling blocks, noises, and a brief list of 10 phrases or searches that, I repeat, do NOT indicate anything about our true nature.

Neither of the change in society that we are living, nor of the changes in values, spirituality and connection that make us truly human. But they certainly make for a few laughs 😉

They leave us with a video that reflects worldwide searches, with more interesting data than those shared with our country.

YouTube video

Although I always criticize the video for its overly emotional tone, which does not show more realistic searches, I recognize that it better reflects the value of analyzing these trends in terms of how people search for information and inquire to improve themselves at the family, personal and professional levels.

These trends allow us to laugh, reflect and look forward to a new year 2023.

Each change of cycle “gives us the gift” of stopping for a while from our busy lives and asking ourselves:

Am I on the right track? What fear do I have that is paralyzing me? How can I improve my results? Do I need to change anything in my life to achieve this?

Possibly Google has some thoughts on this, but as always, the real answer lies within ourselves.

I hope you have that moment of self-reflection and insight in the midst of the holiday season. And remember, it doesn’t have to be December 31 to take time for ourselves.

I wish that you can be accompanied by your loved ones, and that 2023 will be fascinating.

Live long and prosper!

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