Wajari Velásquez

SEO Consultant and Web Development

You don’t appear in Google?

My name is Wajari Velásquez.

I’m an SEO consultant with a weird name and I will make your website appear in Google.

I teach SEO and WordPress at the University of Vigo, in private training centers and public institutions, such as the Xunta de Galicia.

I help to organize open source technology communities in my city: Pontevedra.

If you need talks, workshops, or help with your website and its visibility on Google, I will be happy to meet you.

With my name, it will not be hard to find me. If you’re into vintage, I have a resume at the following link: Wajari CV.

recent projects

Tourism blog: Viajes Chavetas

Online dental products store

Cooking blog

Student real estate portal

People say about me

“Having Wajari on the project was the best decision we could have made. I have known many SEOs throughout the evolution of the web for 15 years but Wajari has been the only one able to analyze and deepen in aspects that no one had reached, go into detail and know how to dissect the reasons for each change we made, keep absolute control of each parameter and, above all, live recycling to new developments as they occur in a world that changes very little every time”.

Isaac Martín Viajes Chavetas

Isaac Martín

“I’m suddenly aware that my hobby is becoming my job but in order for it to really become my job, I need help.
It helps on a technical level, which makes me dizzy just thinking about it, and it helps me to be able to go ahead with the project on my own.

I found all this, a lot more and a person who is always there when you need him in Wajari.
I can only say THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU for finding you in my path.”

Alicia Poyatos Smell of Peppermint

Alicia Poyatos

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