Viajes Chavetas

Viajes chavetas

Migration of a tourism blog


Migrating to a custom WordPress theme

Taking care of all the details and impact of web migration

Collaboration with the development team

Follow-up of the strategy and implementation of SEO improvements.


Viajes Chavetas is a blog that is 14 years old and is a reference in the tourism sector, and a true inspiration.

Isaac Martin contacted me to advise him on the SEO part of the migration. I already had an excellent development team that I know and consider good friends: David Viña, an expert web developer who was laying out and shaping that website and Carlos Longarela, one of the most incredible specialists I know.

If you want to know the whole genesis of this project, I recommend you his post: Chavetas the pocket travel blog.

It is a fascinating project. An inspiration of quality content, written with love and with the aim of transmitting values and essences that inspire travelers around the world.

They were clear about what they were looking for, with vision and despite the difficulties of the pandemic, they have managed to achieve an incredible website in terms of user experience (UX) and above all, quality of content.

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