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“Really my experience with Wajari has been very satisfactory, not only from the point of view of results (this matter is always subjective, because it depends on the effort, dedication, time, company profile, competition, etc….), but because what Wajari has taught me to understand the functioning of SEO and the why of things… The explanations he gives, how he gives them and how he gets involved in the projects, I like to think that the decision to have hired his services 10 months ago was very successful”

Alvaro Blázquez

Founder : MadridEasy

“I am extremely satisfied with Wajari’s work, from the beginning she has been very professional and responsible, we have achieved the positioning objectives in record time and with very good results. She is always available to solve doubts, to guide you and help you. Undoubtedly a serious and reliable company, with a personalized and close treatment. We had previously hired recognized and much more expensive SEO companies, with very poor results and treatment compared to what Wajari has offered us. Thank you”

Dr. Valentina Schmid

Doctor specialized in Aesthetic Medicine : Clínica Corpus Dermis