Olor a Hierbabuena

Olor a Hierbabuena

Cleaning a recipe blog


Cleaning the indexing base of a recipe blog

Web updates and fixes

Training for Alicia to help her in the SEO strategy

Implementation of on page SEO improvements


Alicia Poyatos is a blogger at heart and also a fantastic cook, although I admit I have not taste her cooking, I did try some of her recipes in Olor a Hierbabuena.

I had the immense luck to meet this cook from Granada, who has an incredible merit, having created a reference recipe blog in Spain.

Her recipes are delicious and when you read them, you realize how much love Alicia puts into each of her posts to transmit her knowledge.

In this project I helped her clean up her website from years of growth without review from an SEO consultant and after having migrated from different platforms to WordPress.

I helped her with training and of course, implementation of SEO on page that allowed her to continue growing in search engines, although most of the merit is Alicia’s for giving us a homemade, sincere and above all delicious cuisine that has allowed her to earn her position in search engines.

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