Searches in Google Spain in 2023

Nine years. 3285 days have passed since I started the tradition of posting my year-end post with Google Spain search trends and I promise there wasn’t an edition where I wasn’t surprised by the shit we search on Google (2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 201 5).

Humans are much more predictable than it seems, and of course, many searches can be anticipated by looking at current events.

Interestingly, these days I was discussing with someone very special (my muse), why I have deliberately decided to stay away from mass media, and how it has helped my mental well-being.

For those who read this kind of post for the first time, I put in context. Google Trends publishes every year the statistics of the most searched things in each country and globally.

Trends is a fantastic tool for SEO. Especially for the media, journalists, bloggers, editors, etc.

Every year, Google varies the data it shares a little.

Last year, for example, I excluded from the data search types that give us a lot to laugh about, such as how and why. Without a doubt, my favorites.

This 2023 shows us all the data, so I was delighted.

On a personal level, this has undoubtedly been my best year.

I have accomplished many goals and I have many beautiful things in store for 2024, so ending with this post on the last day of the year is a good closing of the cycle.

The year in search 2023

This year Google catalogs our searches in:

  • News
  • Sports
  • Films
  • Music
  • Recipes
  • TV and series
  • How did you…?
  • Why…?
  • What is…?

The last 3 are the ones that give us the most fun, not only to laugh for a while, but also to understand the aspects that most concern us as a society.

There are topics that I exclude such as sports, music and series. It is a list that only gives us clues of the trends in networks and fashions.

So… scratch that, let’s start to be surprised and laugh in equal parts.

News from 2023

This is the list of the 10 most searched things in news:

  1. chatgpt
  2. Elections 2023
  3. Women’s World Cup
  4. Rubiales
  5. Israel
  6. María Teresa Campos
  7. Shakira
  8. Mbappé
  9. Matthew Perry
  10. Marta Chávarri

Who is surprised that ChatGPT made this list?

AI is here to stay and change many paradigms and ways of working. Its advantages are fascinating and I know that much of my work will change in the coming years thanks to its penetration. They will have their disadvantages, but I think it is still too early to assess their impact.

Elections are a common theme in these listings. What never ceases to amaze me is that celebrities from the world of entertainment and sports tend to sneak into these news listings.

Many times for deaths (María Teresa Campos, Matthew Perry, Marta Chávarri) or for events that have nothing to do with his artistic work (Shakira), which is why I don’t dedicate a single minute to him.

We know that human society is gossipy and will make a point out of anything. Sad, but it is part of our nature.

The theme of the death of famous people and their quests reflects one of society’s oldest fears: death. Especially in the West, the subject of death remains taboo.

As Yamamoto Tsunetomo points out in The Way of the Samurai: “Death always seems a long way off.”

But I get the impression that when we see it in famous people it surprises us and reminds us that it lurks much closer than it seems.

As Eckhart Tolle points out:

“Death is but the end of illusion, it is only painful if you keep clinging to it.”

Eckhart Tolle

If we analyze the list, sports and entertainment news dominate the ranking.

Other issues that from my point of view may have more weight in our society, such as the case of Israel and the war with Palestine, elections or the Rubianes case, represent a minority.

Most searched recipes in 2023

As a lover of good food, and a regular user of Google to search for recipes, I always enjoy this list. Although this year I recognize most of them, I didn’t know them.

No idea why they became trends, but let’s check it out:

  1. lemon serrano
  2. carnival ears
  3. caipirinha
  4. porra antequerana
  5. hakusai
  6. fig jam
  7. Italian pizza dough
  8. applesauce
  9. quince
  10. Castilian soup

Carnival ears are already very common in this list. I find the salad that sneaks in first place: “Serrano lemon” fascinating.

I did not know this dish and it has a curious origin (apparently Sephardic). This interesting mix of ingredients: eggs, sausages, citrus fruits, seems incredible to me and I’m going to try it in 2024.

The caipirinha also always sneaks in, how we love a good cocktail! And the “porra antequerana” a cold soup from Malaga repeats this year, since in 2022 it was the most searched recipe.

No idea why, but hakusai, which is also known as Chinese cabbage or Asian cabbage snuck into the fifth position. I do know this ingredient and it is very tasty.

There is never a lack of delicious homemade preparations such as: fig jam, quince jelly, applesauce and pizza dough, which in my experience, has nothing to do with the dough you buy prepared in supermarkets. So it is worth the effort. The same goes for homemade pasta.

A traditional dish is in the tenth position: the Castilian soup or garlic soup, so rich and comforting.

Searches 2023: How?

My three favorite rankings begin. The what, the how and the why.

As old as philosophy, they give us answers to human and existential concerns that make us better. Raise us on the shoulders of generations and lead us to human evolution. Or did I get carried away and ask a lot of silly questions?

Let’s take a look at the list:

  1. How the elections are going
  2. How to know if I have been assigned to a polling station
  3. How to vote by mail
  4. How to apply for the 200 euro grant
  5. How to know where to vote
  6. How to vote
  7. How to buy Treasury bills
  8. How do I know if I have been granted the 200 euro grant?
  9. What is the name of Piqué’s girlfriend
  10. How to vote blank

Majestic. This list takes us in a few seconds through an infinite cycle of society, take a deep breath because the next paragraph is about it:

How to know how the elections are going, how to know if it was my turn to go to a polling station // how to avoid going to a polling station by voting by mail, how the hell to vote, because if I don’t know where I vote // how will I know how to vote and of course we end up with: how to vote blank because the political options I have are crap and I prefer to vote blank than to support something that does not represent me.

Curious, isn’t it? When will we realize that the system has more holes than a sieve?

Elections as you can see dominated the ranking. How to apply for and how to know if I got the 200 euro grant of course. But others prefer to invest in the state, with Treasury bills.

And we end the ranking with one of the most important questions in society that makes me regain faith in humanity: What is the name of Piqué’s girlfriend?

Searches 2023: Why?

  1. why the war between Israel and Gaza
  2. why yellow flowers are given as gifts on September 21
  3. why Twitter is called X
  4. why the elections are being brought forward
  5. why Sálvame is cancelled
  6. why it does not rain
  7. why Lara Álvarez is not in Supervivientes
  8. why do i not get my period?
  9. why I sweat so much
  10. why Ramadan is done

We start with a sad, but very valid question. I still don’t understand how in the middle of 2023 we are still witnessing wars.

I admit that the Israel-Palestine conflict generates a deep sadness in me and I don’t tend to see things as simply sides. I think it is simplifying reality.

Be that as it may, any death of any person is regrettable.

I hope human society begins to evolve once and for all in that sense.

I highly recommend a YouTube channel that I believe reports on any political issue at the international level with much more objectivity than traditional media: VisualPolitik.

The theme of yellow flowers was apparently a trend in TikTok and are given as gifts in different Latin American countries, especially in Mexico as a symbol of love and friendship.

About Twitter and the change to X, we know that it is a branding and branding decision, although many suspicions are generated about the change and the real motives. Twitter has really become for me a social network full of controversy and generalized hatred without sense, where everyone enters into sterile debates.

I’ve been away from that network for a long time, so I have little to say about it.

I was surprised by the “why don’t I get my period”. I understand there could be multiple reasons, but you googling it is not a very good sign. I hope you know how children are made.

The question of: “why do I sweat so much” reminds me of the 2015 ranking in which we asked ourselves: how to be happy and not have gas.

Well, if you did that search, I hope you stop sweating so much. I understand that it may be uncomfortable.

Survivors, “sálvame”, etc. Searches on these topics always creep into the trends. I would like to believe that it reflects a society that has its needs covered and has a high standard of living, with social welfare; we are very fortunate in Spain.

“Why Ramadan is done”, I find it a very interesting quest. For me, approaching other religions, cultures or other forms of spirituality, with curiosity, is the basis of respect and understanding of the other.

Search 2023: What is it?

  1. Amnesty
  2. Lawfare
  3. Botulism
  4. Hamas
  5. Synesthesia
  6. Ringworm
  7. The Kings League
  8. Kibbutz
  9. Sibo
  10. Surrogacy

We finish the ranking with: What is…?

  • Amnesty = In short: pardon. The search, I imagine, was generated by Pedro Sanchez’s amnesty to the issue in Catalonia in order to gain support for his investiture.
  • Lawfare = It was sought because it was included in the agreement between the PSOE and the Catalan pro-independence supporters. According to the newspaper Expansión: “The use of judicial proceedings for the purpose of political persecution, discrediting or destroying the public image and disqualification of a political adversary”.
  • Botulism = Rare disease caused by a toxin that attacks the nerves.
  • Hamas = The Palestinian political-military organization that is part of the Israeli war conflict.
  • Synesthesia = I imagine the search for the term had to do with Miguel Bosé experiencing this “sensation that occurs in a part of the body, which is not precisely where the stimulus has been applied”. Curious. It is a non-pathological variation of human perception.
  • Ringworm = Ringworm is an infection caused by a fungus. I think it was sought because at the beginning of the year there was an outbreak in different hairdressing salons in Spain.
  • The Kings League = A soccer league that had its first edition this year.
  • Kibbutz = Agricultural community in Israel. Community production and consumption colony essential to the formation of the State of Israel. The key word has appeared in the media at different times due to the conflict.
  • Sibo = No idea why on social networks, especially Instagram and TikTok influencers started talking about this intestinal disturbance. It comes from the acronym: Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine).
  • Surrogacy = In Spain it is illegal this practice of assisted fertilization, also called “surrogacy” where a pregnancy agreement is generated from a foreign embryo.

What can we learn?

As always, I like to do this analysis with a touch of humor, but always thinking that we can learn something from our society.

I am convinced that these trends say nothing. I laugh, I find it amazing the things we search for, but they can’t teach us anything, because society is much more complex than the searches we do on Google.

This 2023 I was fascinated by Jordan Peterson‘s book, “12 rules for living. An antidote to chaos“. All his rules seem to me to be great lessons learned and a very interesting way to understand our reality.

One of the rules that comes in handy for what we are analyzing is: “Before criticizing someone, make sure you have your life in perfect order”.

Be a little humble if you can’t enforce peace in your home how do you expect to run an entire city?

Jordan Peterson

Trends in social networks, news, the world order itself marks a path, a rhythm. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t talk to ourselves, that we can’t be critical, have our own opinion.

The end of the year marks the end of a cycle, but every closure implies a new opening. Let us use these symbolic dates to put our lives in order. Are we on the right track? How do I feel?

As Peterson says, “You have to know where you are in order to start designing your journey.”

We need to get to know each other. It is our moral obligation as human beings.

Without knowing ourselves, we can hardly achieve our objectives or change our realities. But it is not easy. The mind, the ego , invades us continuously and it is difficult to be silent, it is difficult to sit down and reflect on our lives.

Fear of change, of making mistakes, paralyzes us. Let’s pay attention. Let us be grateful for our past.

At the WordCamp in Pontevedra this year, as a tribute to my friend Jose Luis, in the welcome speech, I mentioned this fact from the book of the Zen Buddhist monk, Shunmyo Masuno:

“If we go back ten generations, you have 1024 ancestors (…) If you do without just one of them you wouldn’t be here now. If you are alive today it is because they managed to survive. When you look at it this way, you can’t help but feel that if you are here it is not to your credit but to your ancestors’.”

Shunmyo Masuno

Maybe it’s a bias, but I feel that the world is moving at an accelerated pace that does not allow for some peace and quiet.

In the Christmas message I sent to my clients, I told them that I felt that our desire for dopamine induces a hyper-stimulation.

I would love for us to take a moment this holiday season to relax, reflect on our lives, step out of the whirlwind of projects, calendars, quarters, and see our lives in perspective as we look to 2024.

Take some time to calm our minds and serenity our spirits. And we can do this whenever we want, it doesn’t have to be at the end of the year.

As always the search engine ends its trends with its emotional video, this year in a tribute to its 25 years of search:

YouTube video

I always criticize it a bit for its biases, but I recognize that we can extract very positive things. 🙏

Human beings are social entities, we build each other in terms of collaboration. We cannot live without that sense of community, of group, of tribe.

Embrace your environment, be grateful for what we have every day, love yourself a lot and work with love to improve your own reality, beyond the screens and networks.

I hope 2024 will be wonderful for you. Thank you for being there!

Live long and prosper!

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