2019 in Google searches

This is one of my favorite traditions. I’ve been doing it for 5 years and I have a lot of fun.

Analyzing Google search trends is a double-edged sword: (1) on the one hand you wonder how the human species has not become extinct and (2) on the other hand, you realize the immense power of human societies to make tribes and progress together.

Last year I told you that because it’s 5 years, this post would be special and it is, because it’s the first time I “mix” my written post with the SEO for WordPress podcast.

So as always, I will bring you trend analysis, writing and at the same time, I will do a special podcast episode that I will publish, as always on Thursday next week.

I admit that every year I find it harder to do this post, because I stopped watching TV channels years ago, and since my son was born, I have systematically stayed away from news and mass media.

I realized that the only thing they were doing was making me angry.

They brought me NOTHING of value, so they are things I have been discarding from my life.

I used to start the morning listening to the news on Radio. My day was not starting off on the right foot like that. Now I listen to interesting podcasts, which teach me something and entertain, so they win by a landslide.

Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for me to understand some of the questions people ask in these trends, because I am “disconnected” from events and current affairs. Nevertheless, I will give it a try.

First of all, in case you have any need for documentation, I leave you the last 4 posts of annual trend analysis, which I have taken out, to keep the tradition:

Trend analysis 2019

As we are used to, for the last two years Google has simplified this study into 6 families or categories:

  1. General searches
  2. Sports and athletes
  3. What is…?
  4. Movies, television and series
  5. Personalities
  6. When…?

I will take the most interesting ones and let’s see what we can learn from Spanish society and its Google searches this 2019.

General searches

In the ranking of general searches we have:

  1. General Elections
  2. Notre Dame
  3. The fall of the Berlin Wall
  4. Municipal elections
  5. Black Friday
  6. El Niño Lottery
  7. Vox
  8. Madrid Metro
  9. Listeriosis
  10. Sergio Ramos Wedding

As always, this ranking has a high percentage (40% of politics) with all the general and municipal elections, the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Vox, no wonder that this party sneaks into this ranking. So far, so expected.

I find it unbelievable that Black Friday has snuck into position 5. How we love a good offer!

My madriña, I only hope that you have bought taking advantage of the offers with sense, look that many supposed promotions are a lot of smoke, but I recognize that if you have clear what you want to buy with time, and you analyze it well, you can save something for Christmas expenses.

I am not a typical “hater” who criticizes black friday. If you don’t like it, don’t participate and that’s it, it had an interesting historical origin, and it definitely encourages consumption.

So it should be good for the economy, shouldn’t it?

There was a one-off increase due to a change in the Madrid metro map this year. Other accidents such as the fire at Notre Dame, no wonder this event snuck in, making it to the number two spot.

The listeriosis outbreak left its mark on the general searches, just one place above the other fantastic event, key to the lives of all Spaniards, the wedding of Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio. Oh, the celebrity wedding, it wouldn’t be our life the same without these references.

The funny thing is, how many people had to look that up for it to appear in this ranking? Remember the extinction thing I mentioned at the beginning of the post? So that’s it…

What is it?

I always say, these definitions are enlightening, because they give us a lot of information about people’s interests and lack of knowledge.

However, I detect much less diversity this year.

The other years in this group we could usually find 3 or 4 themes. This year 90% is linked to events, politics, diseases. Let’s look at the ranking in order:

  1. Listeriosis
  2. Carne Mechada
  3. VTC
  4. CDR
  5. Dana
  6. IRPH
  7. Ontas
  8. Brexit
  9. GRS
  10. Ranitidine

The listeriosis outbreak left its mark on general searches. It is an infection caused by a bacterium and is a very potent foodborne pathogen. Therefore, the news was very much reflected in this ranking with the first two positions.

Yes, post two is about the larded meat contaminated by the pathogen. These are not recipe searches, far from it.

The 3rd place: VTC, we could say that it has to do remotely with technology and its irruption in society, but it does not. This is the acronym for Driver Transport Vehicle. It is a legal form and the term has come to light due to the conflict between cab drivers and services such as Uber and Cabify that are classified under this heading.

Xataka magazine published a complete article explaining the differences between VTC and cabs, in case you are interested in knowing more about the subject.

4th place? More politics with the search for the acronym CDR, Comités de Defensa de la República (Committees for the Defense of the Republic) all over the Catalan issue. Do you remember the 2017 ?

Well, in that year Catalan politics completely dominated the rankings, so are we making progress? forgetting?

In the middle of the ranking we have DANA. How not to look for these acronyms? With so much rain and flooding across the country, it was rare for related terms not to appear.

DANA is a collision of a cold air mass at altitude with warm air at the surface that generates intense showers and thunderstorms.

IRPH: Mortgage loan reference index. I understand that the search for acronyms is due to the news regarding the legal battle of mortgagors against the banks.

It freaked me out, like the girl in the gif, about Ontas.

The fact that I didn’t know what it was about is easy to understand with my “disconnection” from the media and networks, but looking for the answer tells me that I’m still on the right track with this media purification thing.

Ontas is a social media buzzword that prompted a Google search to find out what it meant.

Apparently it has a Mexican origin and is a contraction of the expression: ¿Dónde estas? It is used to propose a sexual encounter to the other person, and is usually answered (Come on up, I’ll pay for the Uber).

Man, not for nothing, but in my time when I was going out you had to work a little harder, didn’t you?

The word was so fashionable that it prompted an artist (C. Tangana) to release a song that became a hit on YouTube.

I understand from this article that other artists have done the same, and it has generated an immense amount of memes.

Remember the extinction thing I mentioned at the beginning of the post? So that’s it…

Rank eight: Brexit (they got me bored). Post nine: GRS, Reserve and Security Groups of the Civil Guard. These are the elite groups that came out during the protests in Catalonia (I’m bored).

And finally, the last point, dedicated to a news item on Ranitidine, since medicines containing oral ranitidine were withdrawn from the market, as a preventive measure, due to the detection of nitrosamines, which is classified as a carcinogenic substance.


I told them that I would eliminate rankings that did not contribute to me. This is one of them, but I mention it for semi-analysis. First the ranking:

  1. Rubalcaba
  2. Camilo Sesto
  3. Albert Rivera
  4. Maria Jimenez
  5. Rosalia
  6. Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo
  7. Arturo Fernandez
  8. Madonna
  9. Santiago Abascal
  10. Karl Lagerfeld

Every year I yearn for personalities from the world of science, economics, health, education, you name it! but this ranking is always dominated by politicians, musicians, actors or actresses and/or sports.

Many times because of the death of one of them, or because of specific health news, or “relevant” events in politics.

Well, faith is the only thing I have left, I will continue to wait for the future, and I hope that some year, some character that has nothing to do with these sectors will sneak in.

Movies, television and series

Let’s see, I don’t aspire to find documentaries from la 2 in this ranking, but really? Big Brother and Survivor in the top two positions?

And can we really blame politicians for our ills?

  1. Big Brother Duo
  2. Survivors
  3. Eurovision
  4. Game of Thrones
  5. Joker
  6. Thanos
  7. Electoral debate
  8. Chernobyl
  9. Big Brother Vip 7
  10. Green Book


Finally my favorite ranking. When? We are looking for incredible answers.

So let’s take a look at the ranking by commenting on each of the most common searches.

(1) When to change the time: Whoever has not asked this question should cast the first stone. I always put it on the calendar, and I always have the doubt. It is our existential doubt twice a year.

(2) When do sales start? Between this and the fact that Black Friday has crept into the general searches, we have to analyze if we are not going too far with this consumerism.

(3) When does Nadal play? This demonstrates the effectiveness of Google, we do not even look for the calendar of the matches, we go straight to the player of choice and that’s it. And out of curiosity I did the search, and sure enough, a few SEO websites answered the question.

(4) When is Carnival? We haven’t even left Christmas and we are already thinking about the next party. Then they say that we are not traditional here. And of course, take advantage of the sales to buy the costume, maybe on Black Friday you got lost.

(5) When is Easter week? But if we combine the rankings by vacation searches, it’s the best.

If we worked the way we Google, the world’s problems would be over.

(6) When is fifa 20 coming out? That’s being applied, you anticipate even the release of the game.

(7) When is Eurovision? Then they say we have no European spirit.

(8) When is the child’s lottery? I’m sure it’s not a case of infanticide, but the usual, that good Christmas custom of betting and losing money on gambling and chance.

By the way, good message for the children, all an irony.

The American dream was replaced by the “pelotazo”. A financial education class I believe will be much more cost effective.

(9) When are the elections? This is the most valid question I have found in this list.

We have so much uncertainty in Spanish politics that we are already at a loss as to when the next elections will be held. I would not be surprised to find in the future: For whom should I vote? another game of chance just like the lottery.

(10) When is spring coming? Tired of winter?

Final thoughts

I know I may sound like a bit of a “hater” and that is not my intention. A bit “parvo” with the Christmas hat, that’s for sure.

I always try to be ironic with these searches because I am surprised that they are the most performed searches and we leave aside essential issues that affect us much more as a society.

See: Global warming, energy crisis, wars, migrations, exodus, or how in the 21st century we are still discussing regional nonsense and we are beginning to see the global problems we have that affect the entire planet.

As we are used to Google leaves us a motivating video of the most performed searches in Google United States.

Apparently it was the year of hero and heroine quests, parenting, self-improvement and a long etc of motivational aspects that I don’t see very well reflected in our quests.

YouTube video

I don’t think it’s about such big differences in global and Spanish searches, I think it’s a marketing strategy (very Mr Wonderful) with which the technology giant likes to end the year in Google Trends.

Be that as it may, this is what we are looking for, roughly speaking.

We must never forget that these are broad trends, not detailed studies. I am sure there will be very interesting searches that are simply not reflected due to a number issue (there can only be 10 results).

As the same amount of search engine results pages (SERP), an irony.

Well that’s it for this 2019, I hope they improve the search data for 2020, and we really see, more diversity in trends. I will try to keep faith in the human species and that we seek things beyond politics, sports and entertainment.

As one of my favorite writers says:

“Unbelief endures more than faith, because it is sustained by the senses.”

Gabriel García Márquez “Of Love and Other Demons”.

I hope all your projects go ahead this 2020. Live long and prosper! 😉

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