Friendships and connections: WordCamp Torrelodones 2024

In this post I will tell you about my experience at the WordPress party in Torrelodones, a very exciting WordCamp. I was honored to have been a speaker last year(WC 2023) and this year, 2024, they accepted my proposal again. Thank you for this gift!

Ana Cirujano has an incredible energy and has managed to have a very nice group, they did everything with a lot of love and enthusiasm. That shows in the details of the event.

Trip to WC Torrelodones

As always the Galician delegation wanted to participate and in my case together with Ángel Cabaleiro and Sabela Muñiz (the current president!) we took a car to arrive on Friday.

At the hotel in the room I shared it with my comrade Carlos Longarela. Officially and for many events, I am his wife 😉 (with the pardon of his real wife who is prettier than me).

Gallegos in the WC Torrelodones
Galegos in the WC Torrelodones. Photo by Nilo Velez. Official album of the event on Flickr

I was very excited that part of our Galician family could come from Ferrol, Mónica and Andrés, Sonia Díaz and her family, Lúa Louro from the end of the world (no kidding about the end of the world!) and the classic in any WC, also as a volunteer: Jose Ramón Bernabéu.

Missing from the photo are our friends: Fernando Portomeñe and Julio from Desafío Digital who were filming as usual.

Party at WC Torrelodones 2024

The dinner for speakers, volunteers and organizers was small, but very nice. We picked up early this time, we learned our lesson from last year 😉

One of the things I like most about WordCamps in Spain is the possibility of meeting so many people from different areas of this rich and diverse country. People that we only meet in these places several times a year.

Wonderful groups like the whole Yith team, incredible canaries that give us their youth, energy and festive spirit.

Other groups such as the ones from Granada led by David Pérez and the Granada-Malaga-born Fede Padilla, both of them brilliant and very funny.

Family photo WC Torrelodones 2024. Photo by Nilo Velez. Official album of the event on Flickr


We began the conference with the traditional presentation by Ana Cirujano. It explains clearly, for all the people who are new to a WordCamp, all the details of how the community works.

I think it is a necessary and positive explanation, taking into account that there are always high percentages of new people.

Brilliant way to give the calculation of what each person means in economic terms. This transparency is necessary and helps us to give value to the role of the sponsor of each event.

Although I would have loved to see Flavia ‘s talk about “anonymous layout artists”, her presentations are usually wonderful, I stayed to see my great friend Juan Hernando with his talk about how to change the world with your WordPress.

Juan, you know that I admire your work, your way of explaining things in your talks, in which you get inside your world, which is usually driven by your values.

It is worthy of admiration for all that you do for the community. I stand by your defense of the blog, to which I try to pay tribute with these posts.

Then I went up to Marta Torre ‘s talk about her first custom theme with the site editor.

Carlos Longarela in the WC Torrelodones 2024
Carlos Longarela in the WC Torrelodones 2024

And my good friend Carlos, gave us an amazing talk about WPO with sentidiño using the browser inspector (specifically the network tools) to identify problems in your web pages.

Simple but very practical explanation.

In order to improve something, the first thing to do is to identify it, so I think your explanation is fantastic and an excellent starting point to try to improve everything you need to improve.

Fernando López in the WC Torrelodones 2024
Fernando López in the WC Torrelodones 2024

Then I ran to see Fernando Lopez SEO consultant and good friend, who gave us a very sensible and well organized talk for a website migration, taking into account all the SEO aspects involved.

A migration seems simple, but it has many variables that we miss and that affect your results.

I recommend watching the talk and using all the points that Fernando explains as a kind of checklist that we should take into account in all migrations.

One of the people I was most excited to see at this event was Lidia Arroyo from Costa Rica (pura vida).

Lidia is a person we met during the pandemic era and she transmits joy and very good energy in any conversation you have with her, and it couldn’t be different in the case of her talk.

Then it was my turn. By the featured image of this post, you will get a sense of my style. I don’t know how to do things very normally (if you know what I look like, why invite me!).

I am obsessed with teaching things in a fun and didactic way.

It was my first local SEO talk, beyond the usual classes and I take it very seriously when I get selected for a proposal in a WC.

So I wanted to pay tribute to Manuel García Ferré with his book of fat petete. A symbol of our childhood and of many generations that taught us very valuable things.

In addition to being able to pay homage to Spanish immigration throughout the American continent.

I leave the video as always and I hope you like it.

By the way, I want to thank Lucus Host for all the support to the WordPress community, to the fantastic SinOficina family (that day they were celebrating their meeting like last year) and for the love received by sponsoring my talk.

You are the best as a company, but above all, as people. I am proud to be a small part of everything you do.

Friendships with Lucus Host
Friendships with Lucus Host

Sammy Arburola ‘s talk was one of the ones I most wanted to see (about micro interactions), and ironically, they put it on at the same time as mine. I was able to enjoy it later on WordPress TV. Wonderful.

Before lunch I stayed to watch Pablo Moratinos‘ talk: Alzheimer’s versus Zeigarnik. What can I say about Moratinos that I have not said hundreds of times, he is a brilliant person. Good people, an example, and an inspiration.

At the same time as Pablo’s, my friend Estela Rueda‘s was being shown. I watched it later and loved his explanation of GitHub.

Group photo and delicious food.

They very wisely put in a block of quick talks after lunch, which is more difficult to pay attention to. We also do it in Pontevedra.

  • Gonzalo Garzo: From this talk I kept the idea: “do things”, a simple but very powerful call to action.
  • Vicent Sanchis with accessibility lessons
  • Eva García Gallego from the Valencian community with her curious analogy between nutrition and webs.
  • Dámaso Velázquez, a good friend and developer gave us a master class in 10 minutes with examples of AI use in his company. I love the one with the help to detect viruses and file changes!
  • Our dear friend Lúa Louro who condensed in a few minutes very good examples of the transition of a landing page design

After the block of quick talks, final stretch with: Vraja Das from Yoast, talking about AI within the SEO world, Paula Carmona with a talk about monetization in WP.

Lola Limón, who left me speechless. I loved this copywriter coplera. Meeting her was a great discovery as she has a fascinating energy. I loved the way he started off singing, and he conveys a lot of joy and emotions throughout his narration. Not to be missed is his SalSEO.

We closed with a flourish with Lucia and SEO. I think Lucia is the SEO consultant with the best talks. He always uses brutal analogies and I thought it was a fantastic closing to talk about cannibalizations and duplicities.

We also clarify who is Andy and who is Lucas.

Friendships, connections and Contributor Day

WordCamps are to celebrate, to meet people, to get inspired, and boy, did I arrive home full of energy and enthusiasm ❤️.

Childhood friendships in WordCamp Torrelodones
Good childhood friendships in WordCamp Torrelodones

The fact that 3 of my childhood friends were able to attend the event and get to know this world, Manuel Pernias, Karen Rodriguez and Patricia Ayuso was something very special for me.

Their impressions (they are sincere, they are childhood friends, they have no other choice) are a good thermometer, since they are people far from our little world and allow us to observe what we do in WP with a certain distance and objectivity.

The fact that they came away happy with the event, enjoying themselves and having been able to create many new connections, is key so that we don’t always look at our navel and we can continue to grow and improve. 🙏

Organizers and organizers of the WCEU. Photo by Yohe Cáceres. Official album of the event on Flickr

Another great discovery of this WC was meeting Tony or Antonio Pugliese, a volunteer photographer that I found charming and I hope we can meet again.

On contributor day, recovering from a long night, but working at tables as usual.

Those who read these lines know that I don’t upload any night photos to this summary post. The night confuses me and I’m more dangerous with a cell phone than a monkey with a razor. 😉

Be that as it may, and I’m sure I’m missing many people, I took joy in waving and hugging:

Fernando Puente, Sofia Calle (who was also a very creative sponsor), Angel Zinsel, Carla Patricia, Carla Saiz, Estela Rueda, Eneko Garrido, Fernando Tellado, Helen Moreno, Iñaki, Ibon Azkoitia, Iván López, Javi Guembe, Jaime Gármar, Lidia Marbán (and her little Axel), Luis Miguel Climent, Merche Salas, Montse Cano, the wonderful Olatz Goiko with whom I always have so much fun, Ohia with her incredible energy that always surrounds us. Paco, Paulo (I don’t put your nickname here my friend xD), Raúl Hermoso, Santiago Alonso, Wilkins Morales, and many more.

I want to thank Monica Perez and Jordan Soares for this fantastic Wapuu from Venezuela. I was very excited about my “Wapuu con arepa”.

In summary, the WordCamp in Torrelodones was an enriching experience full of learning, reunions and new connections. I hope this great event consolidates them as a local group and they continue to have such a beautiful family in the Sierra de Madrid.

Long live and prosper WordPress!

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